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Spiral Binding

We own high-performance equipment allowing daily binding of documents in large quantities, with a plastic coil spiral binding or a double metal spiral binding. Both types of binding allow documents to be opened at 360°.

Plastic coils have the advantage to resist deformation, have an elegant finish and offer the possibility of recycling the document.

Automatic and Semi-automatic Punching
  • Punching dies:   2:1  and  3:1 for double metal
    4:1,  0.2475 in.  and  5:1 for plastic coil.
  • Tear-off perforated page corners units.
  • Automatic punching minimum size:   4 in.  on perforated side
    3 in.  on non-perforated side.
  • Automatic punching maximum size:   15 in.  on perforated side
    15 in.  on non-perforated side.

Plastic Coil Spiral Making
  • Variety of colours in stock.
  • Plastic coil spiral made from plastic rolls, to obtain the right length and size,
    from 7 mm  to  30 mm.

Plastic Coil Spiral Binding
  • Variety of colours in stock, from 7 mm  to  50 mm.
  • Thirteen (13) semi-automatic machines and one (1) fully automatic machine.

Double Metal Spiral Binding
  • Variety of colours in stock, from in.  to  1 in.
  • Ideal for calendar binding with one hole or with a thumb cut and a calendar hanger.

General Guidelines


If documents are provided in signatures or already glued (perfect-bound), we will proceed with an approximate in.  double trim at the spine. You must provide a sufficient margin on that side in order to avoid text perforation by the binding holes. In addition to the necessary double trim margin, we recommend a in.  margin for plastic coil and one of in.  for double metal.


If the supplied documents are trimmed on four (4) sides, cutting must be precise and regular.