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  • Smyth Sweing
  • Laminating
  • Folding
  • Embossing and Hot Stamping
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Smyth Sewing

We have at our disposal two Smyth sewing machines.

We use white thread; however, other colours are available on demand.

Signature size

General Guidelines

  • A gripper-edge fold (lip) is require for sewing. The lip must be at least inch (ideally in.).
  • Avoid a 4-page or 8-page signature at the beginning or the end of the document, the thread could rip the signature at the time of binding. It must be inserted in the next or previous signature in order to obtain a signature of at least 12 pages.
  • Sewn documents must at least have two (2) 12-page signatures. In that case, a paper with 6-point thickness is necessary.