Saddle Stitching

We have at our disposal a Muller stitcher and a Duplo collator / bookletmaker to fulfill saddle stitching work.

Muller Stitcher
  • Equipped with six feeding stations plus one cover feeder.
  • Attachement: 4th and 5th blades for 2-UP jobs.

Stitching 1-UP; maximum thickness of   in.

Stitching 2-UP; maximum thickness of   in.

Depending on the type of 2 UP stitching required, we can do a single or a double cut in the centre ( in.  or in.  only).

Note: The weight, thickness, grain and type of paper can affect the specifications cited above.

Duplo Bookletmaker / Collator


Capacity of 20 sheets depending upon paper weight and size.

Corner or Side Stitching

Capacity of 20 sheets depending upon paper weight and size.


Straight or offset stacking.

Type of work possible
  • Collating / stitching / folding and trimming booklet in one operation.
  • Collating sheets, corner stitch (side or top) and side stitch (one or two stitches).
  • Collating sheets, straight or offset stacking.
    • We can collate an unlimited number of sheets, but manual collating of the sets is required.
  • Type of work that can be done:
    • Pads can be collated automatically in sets with padding board.
    • "NCR" sheets can be collated without marking in sets.