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Perfect Binding

Thickness of the book (spine)
  • Minimum:   in.
  • Maximum*: 1 in.

* The maximum thickness varies in accordance to the type of book manufactured. The larger the book, the smaller the spine.

Book Uncut (including spine)

Cover Flat (uncut)

General Guidelines

  • The maximum size of stock for a gate fold cover is 12 points and the inside edge of the flap must be at least in. from the spine (because of the side glue).
  • Covers must be printed with the grain of the paper parallel to the spine.
  • Once folded, additional panels must be in. shorter than the final width of the book.

Due to the many factors that can affect standards in perfect-bound books, including temperature, humidity, handling, variations in stocks, weight, caliper of paper, coatings and glue, we can't guarantee any jobs for its resistance once it is delivered.