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Case Binding and Hard Cover

Case binding gives a first-class appearance to documents and hard covers ensure the durability.

Hard Cover
  • Hard covers are made of a cover board and a cover wrap material.
  • Boards are usually 60, 80, 100 or 120 points thick.
  • Cover wraps are made of woven or non-woven materials which can be hot-stamped or debossed and wrapped to the board. Printing and then laminating cover wraps is a common and inexpensive option.
  • The back may be round, with a thin board allowing the spine to be slightly rounded, or square, with a board of equal thickness to the cover board.
  • Our equipment allows cover making of a maximum size of  16 in.  X  21 in.
  • Hard covers are also suitable for spiral binding documents and ring binders.

Case Binding
  • Book blocks with a case binding are usually glued or sewn and glued. Smyth sewing adds solidity and facilitates the opening of the document. The back is sometimes reinforced by the addition of kraft paper, muslin and headbands.
  • Hard cover books, and some with a soft cover, have endsheets. These pages are usually made of thick paper (minimum 80 lb), sometimes printed, and glued to inside covers and the book block, adding strength to the binding.

Finishing Options
  • Die cutting of a portion of the cover
  • Addition of a dust jacket
  • Metallic corners
  • Bookmark
  • Edge gilding
  • Padded cover
  • Printed inlay on the cover.

General Guidelines

Cover wrap material

If the cover wrap material is a printed sheet to be laminated, allow one inch bleed on all edges over and above the finished size (open book size including spine width) to allow for case overhang and material turn-in's. The cover will be bigger than the book block by approximately in.  on the head, tail and fore-edge. To facilitate material laying on the cover boards, we are asking for a matte or silk paper with at least a 5 point thickness, including laminating.

Book block to be sewn

If documents are supplied in signatures for sewing, they must not have perforations at spine (see Smyth sewing service to find out more about other guidelines related to that type of binding).